We are an RV Care Authorized Dealer


RV Care is a Canada-wide community of 60 top independent RV dealers who have joined together to make sure their customers receive great service when traveling. Our goal is to help you to enjoy the RV lifestyle.

What to expect from an RV Care Dealer

When you’re looking to buy an RV there are a lot of things to consider including: the type (motorized, towable or camper), size, “must-have” features, “nice-to-have” features, make, model, color, etc. Do you want to buy a new RV that comes with a manufacturer’s warranty and options, or do you want to buy a used unit. Buying a used unit from a dealer provides the security of the inspections and service done by the dealership’s technicians before the unit is sold. Also, you can go back to the dealer if you have any problems – it’s often difficult to go back to a private individual who sold you a used RV if you have problems.

With all these things to consider, choosing the right RV dealer shouldn’t be a factor. Only if you buy your RV from an RV Care dealer will you receive the added benefit of the support of a network of 60 full-service RV dealers across Canada.

As an RV Care customer, you can look forward to the same high level of care and attention from all RV Care dealers when you travel. Whether you’re a short distance from home, or half way across Canada, the closest RV Care dealer will treat you like one of their own, giving you the best possible service and attention. If, for some reason, you’re not happy with the service you receive from the staff at an RV Care dealership while traveling, please let us know.

RV Care dealers must meet a rigorous set of standards, which include operating a full-service maintenance and repair shop, maintaining a fully stocked parts and accessories department and employing certified service technicians. If you need service while traveling, the staff at the RV Care dealerships will work together to ensure that any warranty issues are handled smoothly and you’re back on the road quickly to enjoy a safe trip.

There’s no cost for the security and value you receive from the RV Care Network of dealers. The RV Care benefits will stay with you and your RV for as long as you’re together.

Even if you’re not going to travel with your RV, there’s an important reason to buy your RV from an RV Care dealer – it’s the buying power of the group. A group as large as the RV Care Network can negotiate contracts with suppliers that translate into savings for customers on parts, accessories, financing and insurance. In addition, RV Care branded products provide the highest quality available.

As thousands of RV Care customers across Canada already know, when you purchase your RV from a RV Care dealer you’re a customer of not just one but an entire network of friendly, customer-focused RV dealerships across the country.